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South Florida Real Estate

Why do people want to purchase real estate in South Florida? Maybe it is the warm climate, the diverse culture and the many employment opportunities. The South Florida real estate market has reached the double-digit growth scene over the past several years. South Florida has witnessed a real boom in condominium construction as well. The condo frenzy is for a fact playing a big role in South Florida’s real estate market.

South Florida is a superb location. Its property rates continue to appreciate, and real estate professionals happily claim that for a long time to come the sky is the limit for property appreciation. Most homes are simple, yet plush and cozy. They include bungalows, villas, row houses, flats and apartments, as well as studio flats.

South Florida real estate has been developed by renowned architects with modern amenities. And almost every home has ample greenery surrounding it, with an appropriate length for a driveway, as well as a large garage, and a private swimming pool in the backyard.

Apart from residential South Florida real estate, commercial properties are all well constructed, with all modern amenities. Most of the offices are ready to use with appropriate furniture.

However, one needs to note that the real estate rates in this region are not standard, but differ on the basis of location. Some areas are considered upscale, where the prices are meant for the rich and famous. There are other zones that are more affordable. But no matter what one pays, there would be rich rewards in years to come.

Commercial Real Estate

For investors, purchasing a commercial property in an exclusive real estate like in Tampa, Florida is not an easy task. Maybe some have experienced ending up wasting their investments in non-profitable commercial real estates. But in order to avoid this, always remember to follow the easy step-by-step procedure when planning and buying a commercial property.

A lot of rich businessmen are wondering how they can get a good deal on leasing rates for their office or industrial establishments specifically in Tampa commercial real estate. Some think that the place has become one of the most expensive locations for office sites. But think again. In reality, the commercial real estate market in Tampa offers the most affordable commercial lots and properties in the US. Owners of Tampa real estate could even demand on high prices on office rents since all the amenities are included in each of the location where the building was developed but they don’t.

Due to the culture options and the diverse recreational facilities in the area, not to mention the beaches and the sun suitable for golf, Tampa, Florida is the best place to relocate business. The economy is continuously expanding and growing with a lot of corporate centers that have also relocated in the area. The quality and rich life is there for every investor who would like to make a good business deal in Tampa. The real estate features with the display of countless of commercial property options makes Tampa the top choice.

Realtors suggest that the commercial market in Tampa real estate is still a competitive selling market. The buildings are stable and will always be for the next few years. That is because Tampa commercial real estate has the low interest rates and an exceptional market for relocation. It continuous to be strong and new constructions will always be a part of the Tampa commercial real estate life.

Researches say that a number of Class A office establishments has increased in Tampa real estate commercial market. Other people could not just believe that everything is going very well. There are many investment firms who are willing to spend a lot of money just analyzing how much longer the strong commercial real estate market in Tampa will continue.

Only one thing is for sure, with all the developments happening and all the people trying to fit in jus to get a piece of the commercial space in Tampa, it is safe to assume that the commercial market is still booming and will never go slow at least in the near future.

For a new business commercial investor or for even an expert investor, commercial real estates in Tampa, Florida can provide the peace of mind. Owning a good and solid investment like the best condo units, retail, industrial buildings, etc., would allow a lifetime of sweet dreams which is as perfect as a vacation for a lifetime. There will be no worries, just sensible investment.

Real Estate Investor Should Know

The City of Miami is the largest metropolitan area in Miami-Dade County, with a population of 362,470. The composition of Miami’s population is 60% Hispanic, 22.3% African-American, and 11.9% White.

The real estate market in Miami, Florida has experienced, for the last 4 years, an incredible appreciation in values, and is considered as one of the leading property markets in the country. A combination of rapid population growth, low interest rates, and a very desirable semi-tropical location have helped fuel a dramatic rise in real estate development and property values in this warm, sunny city.

Based on 2000 U.S. Census figures, the real estate market comprises around 148,388 housing units, just within the city of Miami. About 35 percent of the City’s residential real estate stock is owner-occupied and 65 percent renter-occupied. The owner occupancy rate of the city is about 24 percent less than Miami-Dade County. Miami’s total residential real estate inventory is nearly divided between single-family units (1 unit detached and attached) and multi-family units (5 units and larger).

Together, these single-family detached (45,523 units) and 20+ multi-family structures (39,636 units) account for 57.3% of the city’s total residential real estate inventory. The city currently has an average median asking price for housing units of $114,000, as compared to the state average of $92,000. The median value of owner-occupied housing units currently stands at $120,000.

It is well-known that the real estate boom in the city of Miami has indeed become one of the best and most sought after pieces of investments in the country, where people coming from all over the world are cashing in on wide array of Miami pre-construction deals. The fast pace of real estate pre-construction deals give people the opportunity to build equity in their chosen properties, while not having to pay the normal inclusive duties such as taxes, maintenance fees or mortgages.

Construction of high-rise residential and commercial buildings and apartment units has risen rapidly throughout the city. As more homes, condominiums and apartments are built and renovated, property market values have since skyrocketed at an unexpectedly quicker pace. Towards the middle part of 1998, the taxable property value for Miami Beach was $6.96 billion, more than double since the early 1980’s. In addition, the total projected value of building activity has remained constant over the last five years, between $150 and $200 million, with over 3,000 permits being issued. This indicates a healthy investment of over $1 billion in residential and commercial building activity in the 1990’s.

The Miami real estate market still continues to grow, despite worries of an overheated property market, and developers are continuing to unveil new high-rise condominium projects that are in record numbers and are unprecedented in size and. An example is the proposed construction of two 1,200-foot tower units on Biscayne Boulevard at Northeast Third Street.

Goa Real Estate Leaps Ahead

Besides an array of residential projects at different stages of construction and planning, Goa real estate is witnessing a host of new commercial real estate projects. The State is going through real estate revolution with multinationals buying large commercial spaces to develop shopping arcades accommodating top-notch brands.

A number of big retailers are coming up with their exclusive showrooms. All this is going top boost up the land prices in Goa in future. Market analysts see the rates for commercial property in Goa to shoot up further in years to come.

With many big-time real estate developers, like DLF, Gera Developers, Parsvnath coming up with their commercial projects to be launched in Goa, the market is eyeing for a quantum leap in property value of both commercial as well as residential properties.

Many big and small developers are exploring the commercial prospects in Goa and launching their ambitious projects in the State. Real estate players, Parsvnath Group and DLF are planning to develop offices cum shopping malls in Goa.

Jai Bhuvan developers are launching Pentagon Arcade, a commercial property having showrooms of size 120 sq. mtr on the ground floor and 200 sq. mtr showrooms on the first floor in Panjim. Plus they are also coming up with a residential cum commercial complex, spread over an area of above one lakh sq. ft, having 1 and 2 bedroom flats and shops (22-40 sq. mtr) on ground floor in Old Goa.

According to Robbin, a Goa Real Estate [!ct~510!/Goa.real-estate] agent, “Since tourists are the main driving force in Goa and lot of investments comes from them, hospitality projects make a flourishing business in the State.” Property developers keep on launching various such projects including holiday homes/villas/apartments, resorts and hotels in Goa keeping in view the contemporary tourists needs and demands.

One such new commercial project is by Sanatan Financers & Real Estates Pvt. Ltd who is developing a resort named, Kohinoor Resort at Sirvoi, Quepem. It offers 114 luxury rooms in several blocks on two floors.

Also in line is a business center by Chowgule Real Estate and Construction Pvt Ltd a fully equipped well furnished office at Miramar. Owing to such large scale commercial developments taking place in Goa, the Goa commercial real estate is going to be as pulsating as the residential sector in the times to come.